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The Real Life Difference

Here at Real Life Music, We are built differently.
Other companies in this industry have one goal, and that's to make money.
We have one goal too, and that's to create a platform where none exist, which gives our releases an advantage over an independent artist.
There are a lot of options for Distribution, the problem is that none of them come with Promotion or Marketing.
You can get your product on every store shelf in America. If no one knows what it is, you won't get sales.
You can get 1,000 songs on spotify. Spotify doesn't self generate traffic, so your time and money will be spent directing traffic to a platform you don't own. In essence, you are paying for distribution, and paying a'la carte for promotion and marketing. And they nickle and dime you to death.
They tell you it all adds up. Everything builds up from these small purchases, but they are entirely budget based, so the frequency that you are able to make a move waters it down that much more. Years later, you are on hundreds of blogs, and online radio stations, and you still have to clock in and out of your 9 to 5 or hustle if you want to Feed Your Family.

We do not charge for our services. We do a 50/50 Net profit split.(You get half, we get half. We collect it.) We only make money when you are successful.

We give you a promotion campaign with every release. We give you a platform with an advantage. You have to consistently release music and post on your social media, and participate with the blueprint and network we provide, and you have to repost all of the blog articles and promote yourself and promote our DJs so they promote you, but we teach you the business side of the music business, and when we say that the music industry is a business, it's not just a way to get you to spend money. lol.

Rule 1. Find a way to make money that has nothing to do with the music industry.

We will do absolutely everything we can do for our artists to give them an advantage that is not a'la carte, but based more on a "conveyor belt" philosophy that provides every platform for every release.

We provide :
A blueprint in the form of a 30GB Google Drive folder with decades of information and resources specifically on the music industry in it's current iteration.

A network :
In the form of a facebook group chat with hundreds of DJs which you get introduced to, and with access to our roster and drop script. You do hundreds of drops, and use those to build your relationships with the DJs. They will be open to your drops and introduction, since they are a part of the same family.

Production :
We have GBs of original beats that you do split sheets with , without paying that pesky "Leasing" fee.

Graphics :
We use top tier graphic artists, this is something you have to pay for, or you can provide your own graphics (must be good graphics.)

(We do not do music recording, studio help, pay for studio time, or pay for music videos, those are still your responsibility)

We distribute your single through our partner company that allows you to receive a verified AudioMack account, and gets pitched to movies, video games, and commercials for sync licensing.

We distribute original mixtapes through our partner company that allows you to get World Premiere front page placement on

We pitch through 2 - 3 different sync licensing companies, depending on genre and quality.
(Sync Licensing is when you get picked up for a movie or a video game or tv show. Paychecks on this can range from $1,000 to $2,000,000 or even more if picked up by the right program, so this is our first step.)

Administration : We register your music for you in all the proper places. Such as encoding your MP3 with ISRC/UPC codes, and registering it with Nielsen/Soundscan/Mediabase for radio tracking, as well as taking care of actual copyrights, rovi registration, all music registration, Soundexchange, publishing, and several other forms of collection agencies and companies we have agreements with. Here is a small sample of some of the areas we collect from and companies we have partnerships with.

                Next we run our campaign :
First, we send a google group notification to our 700 DJs, and we send a message in all of our group chats with 700 DJs and ask the DJs to participate in breaking the single and sending in videos, and putting it on their mixtapes, podcasts, playing it in the club, putting it on their magazines, play it on their shows, and work the record. We even set up a reward program for the most active DJs.

Then, we send an e-mail blast to 10,000 industry executives. Our e-mails are consistently opened by XXL, Source, Pigeons and Planes, Complex, DJ Sway In The Morning, and hundreds of radio stations and magazines, so this will get you in front of the power players.

We post it on our official Instagram (Feed and Story) and ask our DJs to do the same.

We send a google notification to the Next Level Radio Network google group comprised of over 1,000 BDS/MediaBase radio stations asking them to "add" your song into rotation.

We do a paragraph write up and post it on our blog network. This is constantly updated, but the current network is : , , , ,
Nerve DJs Mixtapes
Nerve DJs Blog

We upload it to with our DJ Coalition account that averages 1,000 DJ views and 5 radio station/club adds.

We upload it to the official Next Level DJ Coalition Record Pool.

We upload it to as a new release, and a blog post. (Digiwaxx is a major industry record pool that has been around since 1998)

We upload it to Greenhitz record pool from our DJ Coalition account.

We submit it to our partners at Fleet DJs, Team Bigga Rankin, and Cool Running DJs

We submit it to Warner Bros, Def Jam, 300 Ent, APG, and UMG.

We put it in rotation on NextLevelDjsRadio.

Sometimes we add it as the record of the month on with a major prominent spot or to the top spot on

Upgrades :
We can add in Press Releases, and P.R. such as publicists, if you have a budget for it.
We can run radio campaigns if you have a budget for it.
We can set up your tours, if you have a budget for it.
We can get you industry features, if you have a budget for it.
*Anything they can do, we can do.

If you are ready to level up, contact James Lomak, aka NoxBond, the Owner/Founder/C.E.O. of the Next Level/Real Life Syndicate.

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