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Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Real Life Lukazi and Real Life NoxBond are blood brothers. They are wild as hell. They are outspoken and they are attention grabbing! Lukazi is a G. His background speaks for itself and his resume includes fun things like using explosives to destroy a vehicle, running a trap house, and hitting licks. Not in pretend rapper land, but in Real Life where he went to Prison for it. NoxBond is an evil genius that is way more dangerous than he looks. He is the CEO of several companies. He is involved in secret societies. He is connected to a large percentage of the music industry and music executives. He is a 3rd generation student of Bruce Lee, who is trained in DHS Anti-Terrorist combat. And his resume includes hitting licks, making threats, and being accused of being an out of town hitman by the CPD and Cook County Legal System. In Real Life. Where he served 14 months in Cook County before beating the case, without a lawyer, and avoided 30 years of prison time. The name "Illuminati" is because they bring light through the darkness. On Alert is an in your face, catchy, fun, bouncy, high energy anthem produced by 850 that will make you hit play over and over to watch the colorful characters perform in Town East Shopping Mall, giving the viewer punchline after punchline, leaving you trying to process what you are seeing and hearing, and making you go back and hit play one... more...time..



BPM : 92

length : 3:01

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