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Next Level Djs Presents Dj.Twist Money We Got This

We have a really dope mixtape we just released!

I would like to ask everyone to please vote this mixtape up on LiveMixtapes so we can gauge how much of a reach we have if we apply it. When it's your turn, you will want the votes too! Reach helps ALL of us!

This is our bro DJ Twist Money, who just won the S.E.A. "Blend DJ Of The Year" award, so these blends are truly NEXT LEVEL!

We have opened a whole other door.

You can make mixtapes that are NOT for non-profit use! You can sell these mixtapes and split the bag with us, and we are considering turning them into digital distribution projects for our DJs to get a presence on spotify like they deserve and get PAID for their mixes like they deserve, as an artist on the project.

They are also ALL going on LiveMixtapes, so it is your EASIEST way onto livemixtapes if you don't have an account!

W e have TONS of music, so if you want to host a mixtape let us know and we will get you specific songs, OR you can do this on your own using our folder.

Much Love


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