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NoxBond ft Mickey Factz and Trill Will - Heartbreaker2020

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Listen to the epic new single from the legendary gatekeeper of hiphop, Mickey Factz, and the ambassadors of proficiency, Trill Bond. Mickey Factz jumps out the gate with a syrupy sweet serenade to his Wife, telling an integral part of his life story with a flawless delivery, before NoxBond comes in like a chainsaw, delivering punchline after relentless punchline talking to an un-named lover, and belting the hook with the full of his heart. Trill Will provides the veritable icing on the cake, delivering a catchy melody where he describes another part of his past. This is a great song for playlist, anything to do with love, the radio shows, and podcast, as well as slow dances at events and mixtapes. You can push the fact that Mickey Factz has, to my knowledge, never went this radio friendly. Let me know what you do with the record, send any promo material or videos and I will promote them all and pay cash bonuses for the best ones.

Artist : NoxBond ft Mickey Factz and Trill Will

Song : Heartbreaker2020

BPM : 140

length : 3:41

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