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Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Going for adds! NoxBond delivers a catchy, fun, fast, energetic hit for the clubs. True to his nature he fills the futuristic synths and hard hitting 808s with metaphors and punchlines in every bar. NoxBond is giving away money to the best videos for the #WETChallenge Make a video, post it on social media , tag @NoxBond @RealLifeMusicLLC and @RealLifeNoxBond , and use the #WETChallenge hashtag. Winners will be chosen through out the contest! NoxBond is picking random people who share this song on social media and sending them prizes including cash and merchandise. *This song has over 1,000 spins on Digital Radio Tracker and has been picked up by several online radio stations!

Artist : NOXBOND

Song : WET

BPM : 99

length : 3:13

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