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Real Life Music signs Worldwide agreement with Adaptr to license music to startups!

Real Life Music, a cutting edge company when it comes to collecting royalties and generating revenue, has publishing agreements with conglomerate Apple Services Music Publishing, Social Media giants facebook, instagram, and whatsapp, as well as royalty collection agreements collecting revenue from the big royalty collectors "Merlin" and "Medianet", and even extending into agreements with the new MLC company, and Songtrust, as well as Spectrio Commercial Background Music Services, Audiobyte LLC, OnMobile Live, TouchTunes Interactive Networks, and LyricFind.

Today Real Life Music has entered into an agreement with Adaptr, the turnkey for startup companies to license popular music.

According to their website "Adaptr is the first complete solution available to provide licensing and full music infrastructure, including compliance, robust SDKs, reporting and payments. "

They are currently generating revenue for Warner Music Group, AdaMusic, Insomniac Music Group, ATrain Entertainment, VIO, and more.

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