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Ahead of time


NoxBond is ahead of time.

The current trending topics have been covered in his music for years.

NoxBond knew what was coming, and he wrote about it, So it is now on record. Does this make our leader clairvoyant?

NoxBond is the Founder/Owner/C.E.O. of Next Level Productions, Inc and it's subsidaries, including Next Level DJ Coalition, and US! Real Life Music, LLC.

NoxBond has quite a few accolades :

10,000 hand-to-hand CD sales.

His first feature was on Paul Wall's mixtape "I'm Throwed".

He co-wrote a song with Jamie Foxx and Mirraj the RnB Beast that was produced by Raphael Sadiq for Bridgetown Productions, "Don't hate me remix"

That song earned a prize for rating 1/100 songs in the BDS-Mediabase test chart.

First record deal, Got Money Records/Koch/E-1 - Was supposed to be for 2.5 million dollars in promotions and marketing, a yacht, and a private island. NoxBond received a Croton Belagio appraised at $5,000.00, A Blackberry, and a contract. Got Money Records filed bankruptcy before closing the deal.


Wichita, KS 1998 :

Released first mixtape (Nox)

Co-Founded and ran advertising department for "The Hot Sheets" magazine.

500,000 plays on

 2000 :

Artist development, online message boards, Physical cd sales,

NoxBond developed the old fashioned way. Recording songs, burning cds, and selling them hand to hand! This was before social media.

2007 :

Started working with Industry Producers.

2008 :

Sanford, NC : Started Next Level DJ Coalition.

Paul Wall Mixtape

Don't Hate Me

Got Money Records

Step Your Game Up Vol 1.

Self Made - Spontaneous Combustion mixtape

2008 - 2009 :

50 Mixtape placements

over 100 Performances all over the country.

Music spun in major Orlando clubs.

Step Your Game Up Vol 2.

Signed to Big D Worldwide

Released Self Made self titled mixtape


Self Made - Short Fuse mixtape


Wake Up Mixtape

2012 : 

KWCH 12 News Interview and Performance

Billboard at Town East Mall intersection in Wichita, KS

KDGS Power 93.9 Interview

Power 93.9 Battle Of The Fresh Jams 5x Undefeated Champion

Sponsored Concert from Power 93.9 and The Grove Apartments.

Won runner-up on D-Gainz artist search in Chicago. (Director for Lil Durk, Chief Keef, etc. Complex magazine calls him "The Godfather Of Drill".)

Signed as honorary Member of Distinguished Gorillaz. (Chicago record label)

2014 :

Takes on Vincent Norment as Agent.


2015 :

Becomes 3rd generation 12th rank Sihing of Bruce Lee's JKD.

Becomes Department Of Homeland Security Anti-Terrorist Combat certified.

2016 :

Goes on a major blog run, showing up on over 200 websites, including major heavy hitters like and an interview with

Shoots 2 high quality music videos in Las Vegas, NV.

Works with his network and hires DJ Coalitions, Team Bigga Rankin and Nerve DJs.

2018 :

My Life 1.5 mixtape

My Life album

Heartbreaker ft Mickey Factz

100 song album

Billboards and News interview

Gets 3 million plays on Soundcloud.

Goes to the BET Awards, Celebrity Basketball Game, and all types of private events in Los Angeles, CA.

Meets celebrities and industry executives in L.A.

Fuck your Feelings mixtape

2019 :

Bankroll ft Chippass

Partners with Trill Will.

Co-Founds Trill Bond with Trill Will and releases Ya Ya Ya and De Serie.

Signs to A&R of Savage Life/Supa Unit

Co-Founds Illuminati with Lukazi.

Headlines at SXSW Sxumbag Season with major labels and industry artists.

Shoots 2 music videos with Trill Will in East St. Louis, MO

After fasting and studying for 3 days, he becomes a Moor.

Gets 1 million views on

 Someone releases features with Trippie Redd and Chris Brown on the internet. Trippie Redd's fan club contacts NoxBond, invites him to Discord, Confirms the legitamacy of the songs, and MEMEs him. Both songs gain 100,000 views on Youtube and are picked up by before being deleted. There are still copies of the songs on Youtube on several accounts.

2020 :

Gets 1 million streams on spotify

Starts developing Next Level DJ Coalition.

Becomes a FreeMason.

Releases Ad Astra Per Aspera album

Releases Illuminati : Slime Scriptures Album

Son Of Solomon Album

Signs a distribution deal with Beatroot/Made In Memphis Ent through one of the people he met in L.A..

Starts developing Real Life Music as a record label.

Hires DJ Calie Remix as his head A&R.

Hires Cassandra as his Chief Administrative Officer.

Promotes Trill Will to Chief Operations Officer.

Promotes Lukazi to Vice President.

Starts development of Next Level Radio Network, his network of Program Directors.

Releases Follow The Vibe mixtape and album.

Starts Next Level Media, his in-house Production company.

Next Level DJ Coalition becomes the #1 DJ Coalition on Google

Membership continues to increase, currently around 700 members.

Next Level DJ Coalition DJs saturate the market, clubs, online radio, and "independent artist avenues" with Real Life Music, LLC material.

Currently Real Life Music, LLC has over 50 Imprints, which are all subsidaries of Real Life Music, LLC, which is a subsidary of his company, Next Level Productions, Inc.

Earns Masonic Ritual Jewel.

Recognized and awarded by The Grand Lodge Of Kansas.

2021 :

Begins the sponsorship program at Next Level DJ Coalition and builds the leadership team so that over 100 DJs are consistently keeping his music in rotation, and the coalition itself has a leadearship team of experts in their respective fields with 100 years of combined experience!

Becomes a 32° FreeMason

Begins releasing his own series of  mixtapes with his own award winning DJs on LiveMixtapes (Shout out DJ Twist Money, DJ Chill Will, DJ Konvict, DJ Koolhand, DJ Big Will, DJ Black Cube) and every DJ putting NoxBond on their mixtapes!) through his relationship with the owner, Pesh.

Music goes into rotation on several radio stations including online radio station HipHopWeekly Radio (Shout out DJ Jumpoff!)

Partners with "Mr. Break Your Record" DJ Jumpoff as his personal DJ.

Begins building his own radio station and hires Cumulus media Program Director DJ Blayze.

Promotes Manny Maddog to President of Next Level DJ Coalition.

Begins partnership program developing major partnership deals.

Partners with instagram influencer Average Joe and VerfiedGlobalMedia, being put in charge of music for their 420,000 follower instagram account.

Promotes Average Joe to President Of Marketing at Next Level.

Hires YSL Records "AP" as President of Youtube Department

Starts development of the Next Level City Branches.