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Trill Bond - Side Piece (4/16)

Trill (definition) : True + Real

Word is bond

Bond is life

Life after death

Death before dishonor.

Trill Bond is deeper than music. Trill Will and NoxBond are both highly intelligent, highly respected seekers of knowledge, who lace their music with profound lyrics with layers of meaning. What sets them apart is that they are tied to some of the oldest and most well known secret societies in the World, and they study eccentric and esoteric knowledge. Trill Will is a living legend with almost 200k followers on a verified instagram account. NoxBond is the creator of the Next Level/Real Life empire and a music industry executive in his own right with over 60 record labels and a DJ coalition of over 500 DJs under his umbrella.

Side Piece is a timeless and heartfelt ballad that hits hard with anyone who feels a sense of not quite fitting in, while still being able to overcome adversity and build something out of nothing. NoxBond paints the picture of a tortured genius who turns the pain into success but can't seem to put his finger on love. Trill Will drops subtle keys on finding happiness through a prodigy, and then details his xxx escapades enjoying his "sidepiece".

Trill Bond have millions of plays/streams collectively, and have been played on radio stations all across the country and on magazines, websites, blogs, and radio stations all over the world. These include Power 105, Real 92.3, The Breakfast Club, Sway in the morning, Worldstarhiphop, and many many more.

Up Next : Trill Bond are constantly creating new music! Stay tuned next month for a fresh new single!


SONG NAME : Side Piece

ARTIST NAME : Trill Bond (Trill Will and NoxBond)


Stream and save the album here:

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